Official Qivana Review

May 14th, 2016

For added advice amuse appointment the commodity Official Qivana Review – Part 1: The Overview.

The Qivana Executive Team

A aggregation cannot become an industry behemothic if the leaders can’t administer an industry giant. It seems to be the a lot of accomplished administration aggregation in the industry to anytime barrage a arrangement business company. There are 5 founders: Derek Hall (CEO), Rodney James (CSO), Devin Glazier (CFO), Justin Banner (CSO) and Craig Johanson (CMO).

Derek Hall has fabricated his career creating billion-dollar enterprises. He’s been the CEO and admiral for several of the better accustomed artefact companies in the world. The administration aggregation that is acknowledging him accept been key admiral in 3 of the 14 companies that accept anytime hit $500 actor per year or more. They accept managed arrangement business companies from start-up through hyper-growth to cover amplification to over 60 adopted markets.

Derek Hall (Chief Executive Officer) formed his way up the aggregation ladder to become the Chief Sales Officer of McKesson Corp, the better biologic aggregation in the world. He again took their sales from $10 Billion to $22 Billion organically. He aswell served as CEO for Nature’s Way, one of the better accustomed artefact companies in the world, area he tripled their sales.

Craig Johanson (Chief Business Officer) served as Senior Cast Manager at Tahitian Noni and V.P. of Business for XanGo. Two of the better absolute sales companies in the world. He has all-encompassing acquaintance from start-up through hyper-growth and expansion.

Devin Glazier (Chief Financial Officer) was a above Financial Analyst at the billion-dollar software behemothic Novell and the Senior Director of Finance at XanGo. He has administration acquaintance in abounding areas, including investment, financing, acquisitions, allotment and forecasting.

Justin Banner (Chief Strategy Officer) served as V.P. of Strategy at XanGo and a affiliate of the celebrated Fortune 5 amassed General Electric. He specializes in demography companies all-around and has acquaintance in cardinal planning, marketing, all-embracing development and analysis & development.

Rodney James (Chief Sales Officer) served as Director of Sales at the billion-dollar action NuSkin and Senior Director of Business at XanGo. He has managed all aspects of a cast that includes nutritionals, claimed affliction and internet technology. He has aswell created business strategies bearing hyper-sales advance and managed advance of benefactor networks for a billion-dollar company.

This is the blazon of aggregation you wish arch your company. There are altered accomplishment sets in managing and accretion a arrangement business aggregation and these are the able leaders you wish on your administration team.

For a lot of companies the next affair humans attending at is the products, but Qivana is altered and we aboriginal charge to attending at The Qivana Scientific Advisory Board.